Contemporary vs Previous Practices

The BBFC and The Video Nasties Continued:

James Ferman

  • James Ferman took over at a very controversial time in the video industry. Had done 18 years as a television director, he believed this made him sensitive towards film makers.
  • James Ferman was good at the PR game, he put on clips that the examiners had to view and how extreme some were. He showed some scenes that he and the team had cut from films.
  • His techniques made everyone pro censorship, by showing them the cut versions and then the uncut versions, this showed the public what extents the examiners were dealing with.

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  • Had issues under class – that lower classed people couldnt watch violent films as they are less likely to forget and not produce the scene in real life, higher class and better eductated could get around this apparently.
  • He had the attitude of we know better than you. He was becoming less like his censors, a failing relationship.
  • The Excorsist – James said he would never allow that film on video as the 12 year old girl would encourage the younger audiences.
  • At this time 40% of homes at thid time didnt contain any children.
  • The Last Temptation of Christ – One of the first films that battled religion rather than sex, violence or drugs. BLASPHEMY – the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God.
  • Banning something on video is meaning that the content is so bad that nobody whatever age can view in thier own home. This was a big statement and must have meant that the fims were bad.

Hungerford Massacre

  • The offender, who killed the innocent villagers, was related towards Rambo by the media (because he wore a bandanna).
  • Especially the knifes and handguns were seen as macho, being related towards Rambo.

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Home Viewing

  • VPRC (Video Packaging Review Comitee)
  • The BBFC must take into accoint must take into account that children might be in the home/watch the film. Also take into account that the children could stop and rewind and watch theh scene again, again and again.
  • Some argue that this made them seem less violent as after watching it several times, yes it did become less vilent, but that you can see how the scene was made with effect, props etc.

Sex and Violence

  • Is the violence portrayed in a sexual manner? They should’nt make it erotic. Rapes where women are dominated and humilitaed can also be erotic to some audiences.
  • The New York Ripper – cutting some women up with knifes, they only makes films for what they think there is an audience for, that was the sickening part of the films.
  • I Spit On Your Grave – is used as an examining tool for new examiners, to see there reactions and thought to the gang rape scene.
  • 18 category still doesnt give adults what they wanr to see


  • Revenge of The Ninja – samurai swords and ninja stars
  • Films with chainsaws were likely to be banned.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – using saussages as nunchucks
  • Friday The 13th (Final Chapter)

James Bulger Killing 1993 and the Moral Panic that followed

  • Child’s Play 3 (18)- was suggested as inspiration towards the two offenders that killed the child. Although there was no evidence. It was considered an ordinary horror film, not as worse as many of the Vidoe Nasties, it was just handed this title because of the murder.
  • The judge had blamed the video industry, although he had no evidence what so ever.
  • Those complaining about the film were those who handnt or who had never watched a horror film.

Image result for james bulger newspaper

  • It was cheaper to blame the media and the film makers than to undercover the true reasons why.
  • It was getting towards the point where any film that wasn’t child friendly wouldn’t be allowed on video release. This included classic films such as The Godfather and many more.

A black market was introduced for banned films in the UK.

James Ferman was removed from the board in 1998 due towards controversy. After passing 3 very hardcore Japanese porn films.

In 1999 the banned films were all published. And no more disastrous events took place, not to this day.




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