Then vs Now

To What Extent Do We Have The Freedom To View?

The Internet:

  • Creating fake accounts – It’s increadibly easy to create fake accounts online with other names, nationalities and most importantly age. This factor means that we can watch anything we want by just scrolling futher down the years.
  • Purchasing Items – when buying items online we often have to be of a certain age. In this situation we normally have our parents to buy these items for us. Including explicit music, films, tv and games.
  • Viewing TV on demand – When normally going to watch TV online you have a pop up asking whether you are over a certain age due towards swearing, sexual refrences etc. To pass this all you have to do is tick the box and then you are free to watch the TV program, underaged.

Then vs Now:

Video Recordings Act (1984) – Was created to combat the huge number of unrated home recordings in the Video Nastie era. The video films would now have to be regulated in order to protect children from viewing horror films. Video shop owners would now not be able to hand out videos to any age.

1955 – The BBFC changed their names from ‘Censors’ to ‘Classification’.

Over time the BBFC have become less strict on our viewing as a nation, sex and violence has become standard in most TV and film. This means we are seeing more now than we would have 50 years ago, thereofore having more freedom to view.


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