Contemporary vs Previous Practices

Things that I/Others find offensive in films:

  • Django Unchained – Racism
  • Human Centipede – Creepy and unexplainable events
  • Context – reasons for the offenses, satisfaction or vendetta (revenge)
  • Treatment of animals
  • Scary characters in kids movies and TV – The Penguin in Wallace and Grommit

Video Points:

  • Are The BBFC part of a solution or a problem towards movies?
  • “The BBC are ahead of the system in the USA. They are approachable, open and fair”.
  • Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Image result for american movie censorship

  • The BBFC have improved over their past times, but are still making inapropaite decisions today.
  • The idea that adults cant be trusted to watch what they want when they want is “ridicoulus”.
  • Publishers think nothing of hacking a film to make them achieve a desired rating, why remove quality over financial gain.
  • The uncut version of The Women in Black is not available for any adults. Yet a 15 certifiacte version of the film has been passed, the distributors have not decided to make it available.
  • The Hunger Games was a 12A on both cinema and DVD release, being a trimmed film. Yet the Blu-ray version was a 15 certificate. This is part of the complaints as Blu-ray copies cost more than a standard DVD, again winning commercially.
  • A normal film with extras and commentary can require as much as £2000, something which is forced upon distributors. Everything on the disc has to be certified.
  • The economics is not an issue for larger distributors, but for smaller ones it becomes very difficult.
  • Just because you can take a child under 12 to a 12A viewing, doesnt necessarily mean you should.
  • More parents should check out what a film contains before going to view it, then they man not be so surprised as to see what appears in the film.
  • Warhorse was filled with with young children, most of who became very upset with the incidents.
  • One complaint over The Vow was over a viewer, who had been advised that the film may not be of interest towards her  5 year old daughter, another member of staff asked the mother to control her daughter running around the cinema screen becuase of boredom.
  • Should we have another rating? Should we have a lower 12A rating that denies children for example under 8 can view the film. This would stop inapropiate viewings and also wouldnt reduce the experience when watching the film.
  • The Muman Centipede – 32 Cuts to even pass as the 18 Classification

The 12A Certificate:

  • In 2013 the BBFC found out that 75% of the population understood that the 12A rating is generally for children 12 and over, but can also go when accompanied by ann adult.
  • The BBFC saw a rise in the number of 12A films released during 2013, with 87 more films classified 12A in 2013 compared to 2012.
  • The BBFC also carried out their latest large scale public consultation in 2013, which showed 92% of recent film viewers agreed with BBFC age ratings for films and videos they had seen recently.
  • Children develop at different rates and while one child may understand the issues in a particular 12A film, another child may find the film distressing.

Pros for Parents:

  • They are able to take thier children to more viewings, staying together as a family.
  • They viewing will provide them with a sense of security.
  • The children are watching a film that may be more towards the childs genre tastes. More action, horror etc.



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