BBFC Complaints

The Dark Knight – 364 Complaints

The Women In Black – 143 Complaints

Black Swan – 40 Complaints

The Woman In Black

The producers have targeted an audience of young children who want to view more films in the horror genre. The target age would be teenagers; part of this assumption is down towards the USP, Daniel Radclife. He attracts the majority of the Harry Potter audience which imo was fairly young children.

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The 12A Certificate: I think that the BBFC were wrong to grant a 12A rating for The Women In Black. If there was still a 12 certificate I think that this would have been fine. But the fact that children way under 12 can go and see it with their parents is wrong. We don’t know how supportive the parents are and how they would behave with the children after the film; would they talk to them about the issues in the film or would they just leave them be. Would children be encouraged to hang themselves after seeing this film. Therefore I would have given it a 15 certificate as the older audience would understand the circumstances. The violence is suggested, not explicit. And lastly the context of the film, it’s about children finding many ways to commit suicide.

Future Of The BBFC

  • David Cooke “We have an exciting part to play in the film and video industrys digital future”.
  • The BBFC claim that they are adapting towards the demands of the online world.
  • Since 2008 they have been making an attempt to provide a content labeling system for film and video contnent supplied via the interent.
  • As part of the initiative, they created a new ‘Watch an Rate’ system specifically for straight-to-online content where content can be vuluntary submitted by individuals ratings.
  • At least 15 online platforms and e-trailers already use the system and they pay a licensing fee to the BBFC so that all of their content has a BBFC certificate.
  • BBFC Claim that 90% of parents wish to see the BBFC symbol attatched to a film or dvd.
  • The only selling point of the BBFC is their “Peace of mind” for viewers to watch what’s suitable for them.

Media Convergence

The merging together of previously destinct media technologies and media forms resulting in digitzation and computer networking.

An economic strategy in which media properties owned by communications companies employ digitization and computer networking to work togther. Example: Amazon Prime

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What are the implications of new technologies and the way we consume films over the internet? The new technologies and streaming of films, tv and video online mean that in most circumstances it’s easier than ever to watch what you want, when you want. With creating fake accounts on sites such as YouTube, you can submit a false age and therefore view content outside of your recommended viewing.

Is regulation still needed given the accessibility of films on the interent? I think that regualtion is still needed for safety of the viewers.

Destination and Media Effects Debates

  • Regulation as a classed base issue – the idea that censorship enables higher classes to control what lower classes view.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the British Film Institute at the London Film Festival.
  • James Ferman said that “it’s all right you middle-class cineastes to see this film, but what would happen if a factory worker in Manchester happened to see it?”
  • Only James Ferman was against the TTCM, nobody else. Ferman therefore banned the film but the organisation as a whole decided to release it, against what Ferman thought.
  • Ferman was a feminist, did this impact his opinions on films?

The Dark Knight (2008)

  • Came towards the BBFC with the distributor requesting a 12A rating, even before the BBFC having a viewing.
  • Several high profile figures condemned the BBFC for passing material at a category which allowed young children to see the film. Former Conservative Party leader lain Duncan Smith complained publically. “Astonished that the board could have seen fit to allow anyone under the age of 15 to watch the film”.
  • 450 complaints in total, and The Dark Knight had 42% of the complaints in the whole year amied at it.
  • D.Smith added that “Unlike previous batman films, where the villans where somewhat surreal and commic figures, Heath Ledgers joker is brilliantly acted but very credible phychopathic killer, who extols the use of knifes to kill and disfigure his victims during a reign of terrorism and torture”.
  • The number of fatal stambings in the capital in 2015 reached its highest level in 7 years. In 2008, 23 teenagers died after being stabbed, while in 2012, 2013 and 2014 there were only six victims.

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Were the BBFC too leniant to award a 12A rating towards The Dark Kight? I think that the debate over this certificate is tough and always will be. The joker is the main appeal towards towards the film, not batman who is supposed to be the hero. When leaving the cinema or after watching the film, I feel that the joker and his dialogue is what you will remember most, wanting to re-create him and his querky and almost creepy style. The BBFC have to take into account previous films in the series that were awarded certain certificates, they feel that they should match the previous ratings. The film is based on a comic book and that is another factor to look at, superheroes don’t emerge in reality, if we had a villan like this who would we have to prevent the charcter as the police are portrayed as useless.

Other Notes

CARTHARSIS – Films as an emotional release.

“Horror films don’t create fear, they releade it” – Wes Craven

The Nanny State

Definition: term of British origin that converys a view that government or its policies are over protective or interfering unduly with personal choice. The term “Nanny State” likens government to role that a nanny has in child rearing

There is no doubt that in many films there are cases of ‘Nanny State’, preventing us from viewing certain media due to what there opinion is on the matter, not our personal views.

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