Media Effects

Positive and Negative Effects

Positive Media Effects:

  • Social Media – youy get to hear about news stories that we wouldn’t normally be able to hear about. Whether this was not reported on to shape our opinions.
  • Building peoples awareness about world issues that we can change.
  • Health issues

Negative Media Effects:

  • Fake news
  • social networking bringing out peoples insecurities.
  • Online grooming and stalking.

How Has Regulation Changed?

“The principles and practice of cersorship have continued to vary with the social, political and the cultural conduct of the time”

Accessibility and Technology


  • We are desensitised in film and games because we know they are not real, however if they were occuring in real life we would still end up being shocked.
  • I think a massive part to play is the camera work. In games and film we are constantly viewing in a third person. In Harry Brown we are handed an assult in first person on a woman and it was far more impacting becuase of this camera shot. GTA on the next generation of consoles and PC was handed a first person view, but this still didnt impact me becuase I still knew I was in a game.
  • Catharsis – A Films emotional release

What Is Morally/Culturally/Socially Acceptable

Censhorship Debate

  • A rising tide of violence in the UK – They say that the BBFC should censor films harsher.
  • MP’s should be allowed to chose who are the sensors, and also that the government can overhaul any decision that the board takes.
  • The people of bad background will do bad things when watching the films, reffering towards the lower class background. Similar opinion towards James Ferman.
  • When this argument comes along about the lower class we never hear from the lower class, the higher class people speak for them and change their opinions.
  • Are MP’s in touch with the public opinion? Many would say no
  • People higher up are needing to use examples of suggested violence from films from stories in America, not the UK. This is from a country that has weapons as legal.

Are Films or Society to Blame? – I believe that society is to blame for all of these instances as its peoples bring ups as children that will most influence them on how they live the rest of their life. If someone has had a horrid upbringing becuase of their enviroment then they most often than not will act the same way as they were treated, wanting to make the world ‘even’ in their eyes.

John Beyer: “The BBFC has become far too lax in what it permits for public exhibition and there has been a gradual shift in what they reguard as acceptable so that what would have been rated 18 a few years ago is now thought to be suitable for a 15.

My Conclusion:

To a certain extent I do believe what Beyer is arguing against. From my recent studies I have become very aware of the controverial 12A rating and how it is being used to certify films more recently than ever before. The most controversial of these being The Dark Knight, the second installment in the Christopher Nolan triligy. This film was said to glamourise violence, but especially knife crime as soon after the release we saw the highest level of knife crime in the UK for decades, and the film is thought to have heavily influenced these actions. However on all occasions it isnt actually the BBFC’s fault, they are being approched by distributors and demanding the 12A rating; such an occurance with the Hunger Games. The BBFC told them what to remove in order to achieve this rating, removing all the violence and them making it applicable for a lower rating. The BBFC are now also in a battle to the emerging dominance of distributors when it comes to censoring as the money available is greatly increased when lowering a rating. I think that now with online viewing and illegal downloads it’s making the parental responsibility irrelevant and now up to viewers of all ages on what they see. This is why we are becoming desensitised.

Discuss and Evaluate

Malcom X – “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”


  • Raises awareness of unkowown topics.


  • The media can control what we see and hear about as we can’t be everywhere and see everything, therfore we are so relaint on the media and what we see. This is why social media is beoming such a threat towards the mainstream news, we can hear about new and undiscovered stories, but they are often hidden online and are not focused upon.
  • Not all medias are connected such as our nations, all media in different countries are sharing different stories and thereofore all around the world we are having varied opinions becuase of different covergaes of events.
  • The media is controlled by a small minority and is shown to the majority.
  • It treats the public in a classist manner.

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