Lesson Tasks

  1. Compile a list of 8-10 similarities and 8-10 differences between the BBFC, PCC and IPSO.
  2. Produce a powerpoint presentation on two newspapers of your choice: Discuss their history, political beliefs, target audience, how many writers do they have and/or have any celebrity writers, controversies, notable features etc.

1. Similarities

  • Oppertunity to reply and interact with the organisation, hand positive or constructive feedback and send in any complaints.
  • Discrimination is not tollerated in the Press Complaints Comission and is also not allowed in the form of the BBFC. These rules now need to be applied becuase we are more multicultural then ever in the UK, therefore they have to represent everyone.
  • All the organisations have public guidelines.
  • Both are reliant on the publics participation, although is a small figure that get to cooperate.
  • Children are protected by both the BBFC and the PCC as they should be. Certian scenes will not be allowed to be shown in films if they have displayed violence against children. Just like in PEGI also, games such as Grand Theft Auto are not allowed to feature children or schools so you can’t create any disasters that may be applied in real life.

1. Differences:

  • Obviously the biggest difference would be that the BBFC are producing a real picture film that has the ability for someone to see what is going on first hand; but a newspaper needs a creative mind to picture a scene for an incident. Like with a text message it can be taken out of context; but when watching a film you are handed the message but also with expression, meaning it’s easier to understand the situation.

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