Media Concepts – Question 1(B)

Question 1(B) requires candidates to select one production and evaluate it in relation to a media concept.

You will focus on the main production.

You will focus on:

  • Genre
  • Narrative
  • Representation
  • Media Language

What is Genre?

A genre is a category of media that we can associate with a film, music video, music, televisoin etc. These are identified by codes and conventions within the media that we associate with the genres (ICONOGRAPHY– Audio and Visual Elements).

Audiences have expectations from a genre so we can the link it to/compare it towards other types of media we consume.

Producers want a specific genre and it makes their product more MARKETABLE.

SUB-GENRE: A genre within the category of another genre that is easy to link.

  • Slasher Horror
  • Stalker Horror
  • Psychopath Horror

HYBRID GENRE: A genre that is combined with a different genre.

  • Action Horror
  • Action Comedy
  • Comedy Romance (Rom-Com)

Fictional Films are usually categorised by setting, theme and mood.

Another way of categorising film genres is by reviewing your target audience.


“Genre creates expectations that condition our responses. Genre sets-up hopes and promises and brings pleasure if these are furfilled” – Warren Buckland

“Genre is a recurring type or category of text, as defined by structural and thematic criteria” – David Duff

PROTAGONISTS (Main Character) vs ANTAGONISTS (Standard Character)






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