UK Newspaper Regulation

List of The UK’s most popluar newspapers:

  • The Sun (Tabliod) (RW) (Conservative)
  • The Daily Mirror (Tabliod) (LW) (Labour)
  • The Daily Express (Tabliod) (RW) (UKIP)
  • The Guardian (Broadsheet) (LW) (Green Party)
  • The Daily Telegraph (Broadsheet) (RW) (Conservative)
  • The Times (Broadsheet) (RW) (Conservative)
  • The Observer (Broadsheet) (LW) (Labour)
  • Financial Times (Broadsheet) (Centeral) (Conservative)
  • Daily Mail (Tabliod) (RW) (Conservative)
  • The Sunday People (Tabliod) (LW) (Labour)
  • Daily Star (Tabliod) (Centeral) (Impartial)
  • Morning Star (Tabliod) (LW) (Labour)

Formats of Newspapers:

Tabloid – a newspaper which concentrates on sensational and lurid news, usually heavily illustrated – a short form or version; condensation; synopsis; summary. Physically smaller than broadsheets. Soft News

Broadsheet – a newspaper with a larger format, regarded as more serious and less sensationalist than tabloids. Hard News

Political Perspectives

LW – Liberal, Progressive values, multiculturalism. Opposition towards heirarchy and inequality.

RW – Conservative views, non-progressive values, white rule. Want a heirarchy and inequality.

Centeralism – have an equal view over disputes.

Regulating Newspapers in The UK

Press in The UK has been regulated since 1953, regulated by:

  • Press Council
  • Press Complaints Comission (PCC)
  • Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

Press Council Summarised:

  • Voluntary press organisation founded in 1953as the ‘General Council of The Press’ (It only officially became the Press Council in 1962).
  • The aim was to maintain high standards in ethics of journalism, founded by newspaper proprietors.
  • Published a series of guideline booklets: Contempt of Court (1967), Privacy (1972)

Press Complaints Comission Summarised (PCC):

  • Set up in 1991, Succeding the Press Council.
  • Set up a code of practice.
  • Recieved lots of criticism and was nicknamed the toothless tiger as they couldn’t really enforce anything.

 Independent Press Standards Oragnisation:

  • Establsihed on Monday 8th of September 2014

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