Gossip Girl Final – “Dan is Gossip Girl”:


Main characters cuts in 0:38 – 11

Maid character cuts in 0:38 – 1

Audiences and Institutions

LO: To understand how cross media convergence is important to the film industry.

Examples of Cross Media Convergence in Skyfall and Shifty:

Skyfall (Cross Media Convergence):

  • Heineken (Alchol) Deal worth £28M (Covered one third of the whole films budget of £93.7M)
  • Sony (Technology) – Crossing film with technology to reach new audience.
  • Tom Ford (Tailored Suits) – Owners of the suits would want to see how they are represented.
  • Omega Watches (Seamaster)
  • Coca Cola Zero
  • 007 Fragrance

Skyfall (‘Out Of Home’ Advertising):

  • London 2012 Olympics
  • Coke Zero Advertisements
  • Posters

Shifty (‘Out Of Home’ Advertising):

  • Illegally Placing Posters

UK Film Council – The UK Film council was set up by the Labour party as a non-departmental PUBLIC BODY in 2000. The Purpose was to develop and promote the film industry within the UK. Along with BBC Films and Film4, the Film council was the main port of call for films to get themselves off of the ground. The council around recieved around £15M funding per year. Funded by the NATIONAL LOTTERY it channeled about £160M into more than than 900 films over it’s last 10 years (Including Bend it Like Beckham, This is England etc).

BFI (British Film Institute) – the UK Film Coouncil closed in April 2011. The BFI has taken over its core functions: distributions of lottery funding; production; supporting distribution and exhibition; certification of UK films; research etc.

BFI increased their lottery funding by 20% from £15M to £18M.

Looking For Eric (2009) (Featuring Eric Cantona, formed Man Utd and French national Footballer) – is a good example of different ways to promote films differently for different countiries.

Digital Is The Future:

The digitalisation of film makes it cheaper to produce, distribute and exhibit. Independent film makers can produce larger numbers of prints at a smaller cost, therefore they will not lose as much money if the cost of the film does not attract such a large audience. For Shifty, the cinema exhibition was mainly an advertsing method.




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