This Film Is Not Yet Rated (MPAA)

  • The censors are “hidden American parents who therefore represent the view of other parents”.
  • The difference between a NC17 and an R rating is millions of dollars due to the availability of advertising.
  • “Studios don’t get treated differently to independent films”.
  • “They target independets becuase the regulations are created to suit studios”
  • Over 30 countries that have a film regualtion system, the MPAA is the only one who doesn’t state the identity of their censors.
  • 1941 Disney Strike
  • Big Studios control 95% of the film business, the conglomerates of these companies own 90% of all of America’s media.
  • The MPAA would rather have violence on screen than sex, not even “hardcore” sex.
  • “What are we training our kids for? Battle?”
  • MPAA don’t prioritise correctly. Directors say they would focus on rape and creating weak and vunerable women; not passionate sex.
  • Films with guns that are representing the US Forces have to pass regulation from the pentagon, which is always why American soldiers are made to look good and like heroes. Otherwise it wouldn’t pass their board.
  • The MPAA has an extreme system towards piracy, with massive fines and jail sentences. They are ultimately fighting against young boys who are trying to beat the system, but in reality this is one of their biggest audineces.
  • “I laugh sometimes when I hear about people pirating films becuase it’s such a small loss towards a massive company”.

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