(A2) Section A – Question B

What is Media Language?

Definition: ‘Media Language’ does not refer towards words/conversation that is being spoken by a person on screen, but the language that the scene is showing. This would mean if you watched a scene on mute volume you would still roughly be able to tell what is being spoken; this would be done via visual analysis, using mise-en-scene.

Example: Screaming and panic in voices would be shown by a faster shot rate and having close up shots of actors faces.


Definition: Semiotics (Meaning the study of signs) is used to describe how a meaning is made on screen. This is using DENOTATION. A good way to rememer this is imagine setiotics being the association game.

Implicit Symbols: Signs that have a clear and understood meaning. Red = Stop, Smoke = Fire etc.

Iconic Signs: Signs that are made to appear exactly like the item/action itself. Understood wherever and by whoever, Male and Female signs, Fire Hazard sign.

Indexical Signs: They act by indirectly pointing you/suggesting what they mean. They act as clues to our existing knowledge.

Signs in my genre (Narrative Music Video):

  • No Singing/Lip Syncing
  • Changes of scenery
  • Focusing on one character
  • Cinematic/Establishing shots
  • Using media techniques to create emotion

Signs in my production:

  • Balaclava = Mask
  • Chain = Hold on to something
  • Fire = Heat
  • Embers = Dying fire


Theorist: Ferdinand de Saussure (1857 – 1913) Signifier and signified.

Signifier: The physical form of the sign, a smile.

Signified: The meaning of the sign, happiness or laughter.

Referent: What is the real feeling of happiness.




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